Pull Mermaid Out

Unlock all the keys to help clear the way and the mermaid can move wisely. This is an extremely interesting game Pull Mermaid Out play that you will be attracted by because of the graphic design with the same features. Coming to this game you need to move the mermaid out of the way and go to a door. So this maze path is never simple. It has a lot of difficulties and challenges. It has keys to block the path of the mermaid.

So you need to help all these keys out to make the mermaid can collect a lot of stars and move more easily. But being in the back with this key is not everywhere you can help us. Because there are sharks. So it's a very good thing that the key is to prevent sharks. You should only take out the keys that you feel are safest for the girl to move. Don't pull out the keys that have sharks in the back, then the shark will rush in to bite the girl to death.

Move this Mermaid most cleverly and smartly with your ingenuity and mind. Take the girl who can find herself many ways to collect stars and escape by going to the door with only the drain pipes intact. You can unlock a lot of challenging levels and difficulties in the back. So use obstacles that can help you promote those obnoxious sharks.

Invite your friends to join this game Pull Mermaid Out together can have fun with all the mermaids escaping from the sharks. Enjoy a few more similar interesting mermaid game genres like Jumping Kangaroo 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to unlock all the most secure keys.