Friday Night Funki Big Brother

Have fun playing this new game! Friday night, Funki Big Brother introduces a new game in this fantastic saga! Play the music rituals, press the game buttons at the right times, and rack up the points to prove you're the best. All of your favorite characters are present. Big Brother, Boyfriend, and many other characters await you.

Characteristics and Goal: To improve your score, try to beat Big Brother in a rap battle using the best songs, but follow the rhythm and be very precise. Music game with levels and a score Increase your score with each attempt and finish all levels. Complete the game by following the rhythm. Much fun!

And if they love this game, invite them to play some more games similar to Hidden Animals. Would you accept this challenge and spend time with the kids? Play now!

Instruction to play

On the PC: Use the keyboard arrows to navigate.

On the mobile devices and tablets: Touch the screen in the area indicated by the colors and arrows.