JigsawPuzzles.io is a brilliant multiplayer game which is playable on kizi games for free. Here, you will join a brilliant multiplayer game where you will collaborate with other players from around the world. All of them are strangers, but with the right method and good teamwork, you can solve all these different jigsaw puzzles. Solving puzzles on yourself is fun, but what about joining forces with players from around the world to solve the JigsawPuzzles.io free game?

The highlight of the game lies in the io feature, which allows you to see all the movement that the other players make. You can watch other players changing the pieces in real time – it is a fun concept. Choose your image and join the server with that image to start off the work. Put the pieces to their correct places alongside with the other players. The collection of images here will cover a ton of different subjects, ranging from car, food, clothing to travel. It's a new type of .io cooperative puzzle game with up to 100 players joining at a time. 

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Instruction to play

Drag left mouse button to move a piece.