Among Run

Among Run at Kizi is a never-ending track with a series of challenges on the road. You will have to control your character to collect gold and jump over deadly pits. These holes will appear everywhere and at close distances if you are at higher levels. As long as you can't pass an obstacle, you lose your turn and the game is over immediately. You will not be able to continue playing, instead, you will have to play from the beginning.

So you will have a feeling of regret if the goal is about to be completed and you lose your turn. This is also the feeling of stimulation that will make you have to play Among Run over and over again. Especially, you should be careful with the road cutters because they can cut everything and kill you instantly. These cutters will appear constantly and everywhere in large numbers.

Among Run is not highly focused on graphics and visuals. It mainly builds a chain of challenges and obstacles everywhere to stimulate the fighting spirit of players. You will have to pass 6 levels to become the best player on the leaderboard. 6 levels including the child, noob, amateur, player, pro, and 1 in 100k from 5000 coins to 100000 coins.

Are you ready to conquer all these challenges? Show us your talent and ingenuity in this exciting race. Don't forget to play some similar games such as Daddy Rabbit

Instruction to play

You just need to use the mouse to control the character to jump over the dead hole or directly touch the screen if you play on mobile.