Elon Cars : Online Sky Stunt

Elon Cars game series is a series with modern game thoughts that you can play with delight. Allow me rapidly to clarify the main round of this series, Elon Cars: Online Sky Stunt series for you. As the name proposes at Kizi games, you can begin the game by joining the unfilled game rooms in this game, which has a multiplayer game framework. All you really want for this will be 50 Elon Coins.

Game rooms are for 5 individuals. Subsequent to joining a game, every player begins the game with a similar vehicle. Our principle objective in Elon Cars: Online Sky Stunt is to change our vehicle by going across the guide. With every vehicle change, we will even out 1 and the principal player to arrive at Level 5 dominates the match and some Elon Coins.

It will not be just about as simple as you suspect. You reserve the privilege to tumble from the guide multiple times, remember that! In addition, you will attempt to beat the clock. The game is truly hard. With the Elon Coins you procure, you can purchase skins and tattoos for your vehicle. You will adore this game. Have a good time!

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Instruction to play

You can use the arrow keys of the keyboard for vehicle movement.