Kick The Dahmer

If you are familiar with one of the lately famous series about the serial killer Dahmer, this Kizi game is your chance to release your anger and give him what he deserves! Thanks to the virtual doll with the image of this Dahmer guy, you can utilize the given tools and interaction to destroy the doll. For each successful damage inflicted on the doll, you will be able to gain more scores and increase your ability to expand more powers.

From making it explode, destroy, tear limbs to limbs, shoot fire, bombard, freeze, to use the other tools, the game brings a wide range of possible weapons that you can take advantage of during the attack. Don't stop or else you will not gain more scores and money! Some prominent virtual weapons that you can freely use will be rockets, exploding grenades, rifles, shotguns, and hitting instruments. Go for the flame thrower later in the game when you reach the stage of final!

It's an interactive game that you can enjoy and blow some steam off by hitting this dangling ragdoll with all of your strength! Learn how to tap or touch to punch the position of the Head, Arm, Body, and Leg. Different positions give you different score ranges and bonuses, so do your best to gain more combos. Guns will be quite a threat to the doll, however, avoid hitting the place that might bounce the bullets back to your position. You can also drag the Dahmer doll to throw it out of the window!

From the list of, we bring the best games with diverse themes, various gameplay, and high-quality graphics for you such as Jumping Ball! Would you like to destress with this doll-kicking online game right now? Hit it and don't forget to gather the scattered coins! 

Instruction to play

Controlling keys for Kick The Dahmer: interact and hit it using the mouse or the touchpad.