Skeleton Party Hidden

Investigate now for a very special game. You will have the main task to find the stars that are hidden in this picture. Do you think you are ready for this mission? Start right now to the game Skeleton Party Hidden at Kizi cute kids games to be able to experience. There are lots of pictures and the game gives out the number of stars. You will need to find these hidden stars with a very faint color.

There are many details in the picture, you need to pay attention and observe each pattern 1 to be able to find all the stars. It's hard for you to find out in a short amount of time right? So you need to use all your intelligence and this game. Comfortable and confident when coming to receive awareness. When you find the right amount of fun that the game requires you will pass the game level. The later the time is shorter and the more stars are required.

Don't worry you just need the skills you will overcome all. Please use one of your fastest eyes to look around. Focusing on this picture is a necessity. You will not miss any stars when you are careful in each of your observations. Are you still interested in this task? Please enjoy a few more difficult challenges in the levels behind. What do you think if you share the game with your friends?

With your friends joining right now Skeleton Party Hidden you can test your memory together and learn more about what you need to know. You do not hesitate; do not allow yourself to experience when entering some other similar game genres like ‎Alarmy & Monster Family and Fluffy Story 2 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to search all the stars.