Snake Want Fruits

A place with a lot of fruits. The little snake will feel very excited when living in such a place. He is very hungry and wants to eat fruit. You are invited to join the online game Snake Want Fruits and enjoy a variety of fruits. You will learn how to raise a bigger snake and teach him how to walk safely. What are you waiting for? Start playing the game right now and experience a lot of fun things.

Together we will learn the rules of this game. Are you ready to get started? Our snake is very small right now. You need to eat a lot of fruit. Around him will appear each fruit, when he eats all the fruits on the screen, the other fruits will appear. Your task is to control the snake to give everywhere and eat all other fruits. You must eat all the fruit and not touch any part of your body.

Otherwise, the game will be over. The bigger the snake, the harder it will be for you to control. The snake will be longer, snake body bigger than impact is very unavoidable. To maintain this game well requires concentration and very skillful. You will observe the snake's movements very well. Complete all challenges to turn the small snake into a big snake. You will completely feel the game very interesting.

We will play the online game Snake Want Fruits. Invite your friends to join other games similar to Family Relics and Snake Challenge. The lovely little snake will bring you many interesting experiences. taste. You can do even more fun things. 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to control the snake.