US Army Drone Attack

US Army Drone Attack is a cool war game combine with the driving element that brings you to the real battle ever. There are 10 levels as 10 missions you have to complete with limited time. Your main goal is to destroy the enemy base before it's too late. At Kizi fighting games, you have to take action quickly and skillfully because once the enemy detects your movement, you will get attacked first.

So make sure you are careful in every step to get the best result. Don't worry, you can make it if you follow the instruction shown on the screen. The first thing you have to do is to drive your tank, your heavy army vehicles to approach the enemy base, then when you are close enough to them, you launcher missile to blow up their base.

This sounds simple and easy but you have to keep in mind that your enemy also fights back. And in this game, if they attack you, you can't dodge. It means once they attack, you die and there is no chance for you to defend. So when you have a chance to attack first, you should make use of it to win over them. The new level will be unlocked if you finish the current level.

Win to get rewards and you can use the money you earn from that to unlock new vehicles that help you win easier. Let’s see how can you win this intense battle. Enjoy and check out other choices of games such as Defense Battle and Ghost Wiper

Instruction to play

Use your mouse and arrow keys to play.