Sky Roller

Do you love roller skating? So, don’t hesitate anymore, come to kizi today, put on your roller skates and let the fun begin. In this Sky Roller, your goal is to reach the victory zone at the end of each level without colliding with obstacles and falling down. The obstacles are scattered along the way, then can you overcome them all? Slide left and right to dodge the obstacles. Black zones are areas you need to avoid because once you touch these black zones, you lose the game and have to start that level again. So, try to control your legs going through white zones.

Sometimes, you will see some yellow zones, these ones are not dangerous like black ones that make game-over but they will make you move faster, so please consider if you want to challenge yourself. The gameplay is simple but you still need some time to become skilled so that you can master it. Therefore, if you fail to complete some levels at the beginning, it’s okay, let’s try again.

The game offers you 100 levels to conquer. The next level will be more challenging with more obstacles. The speed also becomes faster over time. You can only go to the coming level when you finish the current level. Then, can you go to the end of the game? Enjoy your time!

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Instruction to play

Use your mouse to play this game on the computer slide your finger on the screen to play it on the mobile phone.