Sushi Sensei

If you have played Fruit Ninja then you should know that Sushi Sensei has the same concept. Yes, it’s true. This is not a cooking game although its name is reminiscent of food, a famous dish from Japan. Here at kizi gratis, you don’t do anything about cooking but sliding sushi. Slicing as much sushi as possible is what you need to do here. It’s about getting the highest score. You have 1 minute to slash this sushi into pieces.

Before you start, let’s go through the training course to know what you can do and what you can’t do here. A short training course gives you everything about this game. After training, let’s start the show. Now, hold your knife tightly and slide every single sushi that appears on the screen. Be fast because they appear and disappear right away. Destroy them before they escape.

On, try to make a combo of more than 3 sushi to get extras. Besides, you must pay attention because among sushi flying, there are some bombs and if you touch these bombs, you lose some points. You don’t want this happens, right? So make sure you slide sushi only. How many sushi you can slice in one minute? You will see your score when the time runs out. After that, play again and try to surpass the previous achievement and set a new record.

You can play with your friend to find out who is better at slicing sushi. This game is also great to relax. Have a break and discover other games such as Virus Jigsaw and Rescue The Rabbit

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to slide sushi.