Get the Stars - Extended

If you love the online game Get The Stars Extended. Please invite your friends to join now to have the opportunity to experience a lot of new and special things in this game. We will have many more opportunities to explore and solve very interesting questions. with 100 levels the goal is to collect all the stars of each area and get the key to unlocking your way to the next challenge. You will do a great job on this task.

Look for the rules of this game. We are ready to start those things. Play and conquer the hardest levels. You will control a ghost in hell that wants to escape. They will fly very fast, the speed of flight only stops when meeting the stone wall. Therefore, you will take advantage of those things so that you can collect gold stars, you will feel more special things. You will fly like a witch and look for the locking spoons and get out. Hell is dark, you need to fly outside.

All the fun will be present in the online game Get The Stars Extended. You will accept new challenges and have many surprises. The game is not boring because it has variations through the levels. Each level will have different layouts. You will play very attractively. Become the super ghost characters. They will escape from hell to fly out. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Flip Jump Race 3D

Instruction to play

Use mouse, arrow keys, and WASD key to play.