World Cup Fever

Football sport attracts a lot of fans. Invite your friends to join the online game World Cup Fever. You will play and feel a lot of fun and attraction. The simulation version of the football match in this game partly helps players have more relaxation and practice how to pass the ball on the pitch. While the football festival season is very busy, let's join the game together to cheer for the players to be stronger and kick the ball more attractive. You will find many surprises in this game. We will be extremely passionate when we step onto the pitch with the enthusiastic support of the fans. The atmosphere in the courtyard is extremely fiery. That brings a climax to the players. You will surely love it.

Join now the online game World Cup Fever. Conquer the challenges with the away team in this intense match. You will control your players flexibly, and quickly and anticipate the opponent's directions to be on the lookout. All will be present in this exciting version. Join your friends to enjoy, share the fun and create relaxation during the football festival season. You will find it wonderful.

Let's play and accumulate experience for ourselves. Breakthrough and score a lot of goals against the away team. You will play with the highest sportsmanship. Get started now and feel more fun. You will be trained in the technique of playing football very professionally. Try to play all positions when entering this game. You can play some more games similar to Goalkeeper Wiz at

Instruction to play

Swipe the character to move the direction you need.