Goalkeeper Wiz

It's time to show your efforts in the online game Goalkeeper Wiz. You will feel a lot of fighting atmosphere in the match. If you are a football lover, this is a great match. Fans everywhere are looking forward to the match. Be the hero in this game. Put on your gloves and stand on the goal line. It's time to lead your team to the title of world champion. In each match, the opponent will have ten shots and your goal is to defend your goal. For every three successful saves, your team will score a goal.

Can you become a goal-hunting wizard? It all depends on your agility. You will do very well in that task. Try to make a difference. Their catchers and tackles will give you more confidence. You will experience more unique things when playing Goalkeeper Wiz online game. Be careful to practice your catch. Your opponents are also professional players, they will aim and kick very well. Show your strength and help the balls fly out of the net Fans are turning their skills towards you. You will practice very well and be successful.

Create a great relationship with your players. They will be more rhythmic to successfully block. You need to put all your technique into doing that. Conquer all your attractive, unique, novel things. We absolutely can. The game has a lot of levels, you will play in the head version. Feel the good catching techniques in this game. Enjoy some more games similar to Penalty Champs 22 

Instruction to play

How to play: Use the mouse to move the glove and save the image.