Love Totems

Pull out the pin to be able to connect the blue and red balls to win now in an extremely exciting mission challenge. You will appear with blue and pink balls in an extremely tiny square in the game Love Totems at Kizi games multiplayer. What do you need to do now? Two eyebrow balls are being prevented from opening the pins.

In the early levels, there will be nothing difficult. But with the speed behind there will be countless other ways of getting in the way. If you pull the wrong pin and make this blue ball move, it will collide with these traps. The game will stop immediately. Try to think of which pins are reasonable to destroy are all deadly pitfalls. Then help the blue ball move to the place where the pink ball is. Don't let either ball roll off this screen. Then the game will end quickly.

Help the blue ball find the true love of her life through your ingenuity and intelligence. Be clever to be able to use your brain to not miss any pins. Black or white wastes and other obstacles have appeared a lot in this game. Just a little carelessness and you will become a failure. Don't let this happen. Let's find a lucky chance for yourself and help the blue ball find the pink ball to unlock countless more levels behind.

Do not hesitate to join your friends in the game Love Totems to start helping as many green balls pass the level and find yourself the highest score. Let's have fun participating in a few other similar entertainment game genres like ABC Game

Instruction to play

Use mouse to drag and drop the correct pins.