Sword Master 3D

Sharpen your blade, sword master! It's time to start the sword-fighting adventure. Welcome to Sword Master 3D online game. This is an exciting action game where all you have to do is dash, slash, and slash. Can you prove you are a true sword master? Slow down time and cut flying bullets, sever dynamite crates and defeat giant monsters to return to your enemies. Super simple gameplay. All you need is to swipe across the phone screen to cut the dummy in half. You will fly and rush quickly on extremely thorny roads. But you have a very strong fighting spirit.

Together with players enjoy Sword Master 3D online game now. You will make a big name by becoming a sword master. Way to run fast and use the sword correctly is very difficult. This technique takes practice to bring about attractive things. You will feel more and more amazing sword techniques! An intelligent shadow ninja takes every opportunity to defeat their enemies. Don't hesitate to use poison and even lasers to take down all the stickman opponents at the slice level.

The game requires players to be highly focused, to have a very sharp eye, and decisive action. Because the running speed is very fast, if you have poor reflexes, you will lose. As long as you do not destroy all opponents, the possibility of victory is not possible. Become a professional swordsman by completing all the challenges in this game. To practice more sword skills, you can play some other games similar to Super Count Masters at kizigames.games.

Instruction to play

Swipe or use the mouse to play the game.