Baby Fashion Tailor Shop

Your one-of-a-kind tailoring shop is very popular with customers who want to come here to experience the most gorgeous dresses they can wear. What do you hesitate to not allow yourself to join now in the game Baby Fashion Tailor Shop at Kizi games to find yourself a lot of fun with fashion. If fashion is your passion then this is a good opportunity for you to explore starting with your tailor shop. You will make up all the different dresses.

Any other thoughts on that dress coming out of the store? If yes then you need to change it immediately to make it even more unique. Choose all the detailed colors and make all the sharpest seams. Use the rulers, then start the sewing process from scratch and create an interesting dress ever. Your customers are very satisfied and you have done a great job. In this game, you just have to follow the instructions and the game gives.

Measure the dress carefully every centimeter, then refinish them with this sewing machine. With lots of different steps. You will be able to create your very own unique dress. Many customers are waiting in line waiting for you to make them more gorgeous. The dress in your store is amazing, isn't it? Design a lot of princess costumes.

Invite your friends to join this game Baby Fashion Tailor Shop to transform into the most professional fashion designer games ever with a creative mind. Join a few other similar fashion game genres like Princess Animal Style Fashion Party 

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to complete this task easily.