High School BFFs Girls Team

Most high school uniforms look boring, don’t they? Not every student wants to wear it. You can’t redesign the uniforms of your school but here in High School BFFs Girls Team, you are free to mix and match to create your own uniform. Turning something boring into stunning is not too hard here. This kizigames dress-up game offers a wide range of collections from clothes, shorts, skirts, and accessories, to make-up looks, accessories, and something that you have never seen in any uniform design.

With them, you can create tons of uniforms with different styles to turn the school into a runway for supermodels. Two students are waiting for you. You can change their skin tone, eye color, hair color, and more, mix tops with bottoms, choose a perfect hairstyle that fits what they are wearing, and beautify them with some accessories such as earrings, glasses, hats, necklaces, and so on. Make sure every item you choose will fit each other. All items are ready to be chosen. However, some items are locked. To unlock them, you have to watch a short ad video.

You just need to click or tap on the designed item and that item will be put on the girl. To remove that item from the girl, you just need to click or tap on it once again. Each time you play the game, you can only create only one outfit. It's a pity to stop after only one play. The more you play, the more outfits you can mix and match. Check it out now and don’t forget that other fashion games are available at kizi girls games. You can play any game on our site for free anytime. Here are our suggestions for you Makeup Artist 3D and Billionaire Wife Dress Up.


Instruction to play