Galactic Judge

The galaxy is in danger. Hordes of space pirates come aiming to rule the whole galaxy. To prevent their plans, you are given an extremely important task which is to defeat them. However, you do not have a support fleet. You will fight alone. Can you clear this mission? Have a look at Galactic Judge and prove that nothing can stop you.

At Kizi, you take control of a combat space fighter and you fly straight to the galaxy and deal with hordes of enemies. Watch out everything in the space but you can get harmed. The enemy is not the only threat but also a meteorite. You must dodge these meteorites or shoot at them to make them blow up, then you get stars. What it comes to the enemy, you will deal with different kinds of enemies here. Make sure you are always ready because you don’t know what will come.

The enemy will attack you endlessly, so you need to both counterattack and defend. Kill them and you will earn stars. With these stars, you can upgrade your space fighter. This is important. If you don’t focus on upgrading, you can’t deal with enemies in the later levels. So, make sure you upgrade your fire rate, armor, damage, and weapons whenever you can. Besides, you have a health bar. If this bar drops to zero while the processing bar is not completed, you have to play that level once again.

Clear each level of 100% to advance and explore new adventures. Your mission has not stopped here and the war is still going on. Good luck! Check out these options when you get your job done here: Mr Bullet 2 Online and Super Knight Adventure

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to fly.