Mr Bullet 2 Online

Mr Bullet 2 Online brings you to another level of shooting challenges. This is really challenging. In other games that you have played, you may have to walk around and find your targets to take them down or your enemies will find you and kill you first. In this game, things have changed. Your enemies stay still and you just need to aim and shoot to defeat them.

However, the challenges here are that they stand in different positions and have some covers. You need to observe the battleground and find a way to send the bullet directly to them. But how? It depends on your shooting skills as well as your problem-solving skills. When the bullet hits the wall, it bounces off. You can make use of this feature to kill enemies. You have a certain amount of bullets at each level so try to take action accurately, otherwise, you can’t unlock the next level and have to play the current one again.

Besides, use fewer bullets as you can to earn more stars. Stars are used to unlock new modes. There are 4 modes available including Bullet mode, Grenade mode, Archery mode, and Sniper mode. Also, you can buy new characters with stars. Are you excited? It has a simple look but challenging missions. Don’t let what you see fool you.

Play this game and compare it to other choices you have experienced before and let’s see it’s amazing or not. Enjoy your gaming time here and other options such as Orc Invasion and Tank MIX 

Instruction to play:

Left mouse to aim and shoot.