Tasty Jewel

It’s time to play something that brings you a truly relaxing experience, something that doesn’t make you stress out because of planning a combat strategy or finding the best solution for the puzzle and so on. Such kind of game can only be match-3 games and welcome to Tasty Jewel. Here is the world of sweet treats and interesting adventures. You will swim in a pool filled with precious jewel candies.

So all you need to do here is to reach a certain number of points in each level and have fun. You don’t have to complete each level within a limited time but with a specific number of moves. Like other match-3 games, you swap and match a group of more than 3 items of the same kind. With a combination of 4 similar items, you get a power-up. It can help you clear a group of items surrounding it or clear a certain type of item or even clear a row and a column.

Try to match 2 power-ups and you will see a miracle. The game ends when you run out of move but have not reached the specified score. When you reach that score, you keep playing until you have no move. Explore this magical world and you will find a lot of amazing things.

Simple but enjoyable enough to keep you hooked and you can’t wait to play until you reach the final stage for sure. Besides, the world of games is in front of your eye. So let’s check out all options that you may love such as Hot Air Solitaire and Slap King

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to swap and match items.