Math Word Search

The Time system is running very fast. You need to be in the game to enjoy this level and focus on the timeline. You can play the game Math Word Search com to your heart's content in all programs on your computer and mobile phone. This is a game with the perfect combination of math and word finding. A game that functions to make your brain as smart as possible. Don't miss this opportunity, join now.

This game will give you the numbers you need to add these numbers and think the answer in your head. After that, you need to find the English word that matches the result of the calculation you just calculated. Sounds very right? This is a game where you can both calculate math but also look for English words that correspond to the meaning of that answer. How many calculations can you get through?

In front of you are countless words in the alphabet that are arranged in a very messy way. the word count is too much. So it's hard for you to focus and find the words that represent the number you need to link the columns horizontally, vertically, or diagonally as you like. As long as these letters are adjacent to each other and form a meaningful word. You can win when you pass all the calculations that the game offers. Find out as many correct words as possible to get you a high score. This game will promote your brain development as well as train you to be the most careful observation.

It's great and when you can join your friends in this game Math Word Search to play together and learn all the math or English words. What do you hesitate to join a few other similar learning game genres like Pull Mermaid Out 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to find out all the correct calculations.