Mouse Escape

If you get lost in a dangerous place. There are many monstrous traps there. Don't miss the chance to join the Mouse Escape Game online. Ready to start and experience the fun in this game. You will conquer many challenges and have excellent obstacle fighting skills. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends to join and learn the rules of this game. We will start now! What is the mission?

Imagine the mouse is in a territory full of sharp traps. Humans set traps everywhere. You need to draw safe roads, stay away from traps so that the mouse can run as fast as possible to the finish line and escape the dangers. You will have to estimate and design an extremely unique road. The traps are randomly arranged everywhere. It will hinder the way a lot.

Play now the Mouse Escape Game online. Ready to do anything to keep the mouse safe. The game has many different levels. Each level will gradually increase the difficulty for you to experience. The traps will be more and thicker. Don't let the traps kill the little mouse. With vivid graphic design, you will be absorbed in the 3D story trend of this game. Game mode and gameplay are very simple. How many levels will you pass?

How many points will you get? Unlock difficult territories and conquer all those adventure paths. The mouse will be eager to run as fast as possible to escape from this spooky place. Relax and enjoy more with some other games similar to Tropical Merge. Accept new challenges! 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to draw a path or touch the screen.