Yarn Untangled

The new version of the very interesting cat string puzzle game. Join now Yarn Untangled online game. Accept to participate in as many challenges in this game. We will play together and conquer many interesting challenges. Would you like to get started today? It is entirely possible to evolve into higher levels. What are you waiting for? Join now! You will love it the first time you play it. Yarn Unsangled is a cute puzzle game with unlimited levels. Can you untangle all the yarns?

The cats are ready to accompany you to solve all the levels. Left-click and drag on the yarn ball to move it, touch and drag on the yarn ball to move it. Solve all the puzzles with the cat while playing the online game Yarn Untangled. You will experience a lot of fun playing this exciting game. Feel more and more new points in the debug game. There should be game rules to pass easily. Look at the strings. Pink and red wire to distinguish. The red wires are tangled ropes. You need to drag the cat to the position so that the red rope turns pink.

Keep doing this until you have completely removed all the wires. You will score points and move on to another battle. You will move to another level more perfect. Do you need to get started as quickly as possible? You will have more wonderful feelings. The balls will be completely untangled and the game will be over. The gold coins will fall into your wallet. With eye-catching sound graphics, you will need to experience a lot of new things.

It is entirely possible to discover those special things. We will play together and experience many interesting things. If you love this game, you will play some other games similar to Pipe Balls 

Instruction to play

Use a mouse or touch screen to play.