Stickman Extreme Racing

Welcome to a new and exciting truck driving game that has just been released Stickman Extreme Racing . You can completely rediscover free online games in your browsers. At the beginning of the game you will appear in many different countries. You will then select a country. You will be in a tunnel. Your task in this game is to move your truck. Sounds simple right?

But there are many difficult challenges ahead of you. Do material obstacles make it difficult for you? I believe that it will be very hard for you to overcome. Because they appear extremely dense and also contain volcanoes. Extremely large blocks hinder your movement. It's calm, confident, looking around driving safely in this tunnel and finding the way out. There are countless interesting things ahead of you to discover. Are you confident you will become a leader of this game?

Let's overcome the obstacles very gently and satisfy you in the game. Experience more levels of the game to get you the relaxation and satisfaction possible when you join the game Stickman Extreme Racing at Don't forget to share the joys you have from the game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today for the chance to experience a truck driving in the road. Extremely difficult and challenging tunnel. If you want to challenge more, you should come and join immediately with some other interesting driving game genre like Stunt Crash 4 Fun and Brain for Monster Truck.

Instruction to play

use the WASD keys and arrow keys to be able to conquer the challenges.