Ball Shooter

The shooting game has never made players feel bored because of its attractive gameplay. It's great when you try yourself into the game Ball Shooter to satisfy you. Have fun now with challenges. This game is different from the usual ball shooting games with lots of colorful balls. and their positions are disturbed. Your goal in this game is to shoot the ball at the bottom cannon up so that 3 or more balls of the same color to it disappear.

It is difficult if the balls are being arranged in these positions not close to each other. So you need to equip yourself with a lot of skills in this game that is observation. You need to think about where to shoot the ball and make yourself the winner. If you disappear all these balls and they don't fall below you then you will pass the level of the game when the number of balls the game requires. Do not let the ball touch down near your gun as it will cause you to fail.

Have fun along with the great challenges of the game Ball Shooter. You will not have to play this ball shooting game alone when sharing it with your friends. Invite your friends to join the game to challenge with colorful balls full of traps. Remember to allow yourself to experience the challenge and some other similar types of ball shooting games like KiX Dream Soccer and Sprinter 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to win the ball of the game.