Mango Piggy Piggy Farm

Mango Piggy Piggy Farm will test your ability to grow the most fruitful farm with a diversity of fruits. In this Kizi girl game, the main fruit that you are going to grow is the delicious mangoes. Harvest the most mangoes to gain scores accordingly through the levels.

On each stage, you will have to navigate and aim at the basket, while calculating so that the piggy can cross the path and collect the floating mangoes. If you manage to finish a level with a total of three mangoes, you will gain three stars, which is the optimum result. The challenges vary throughout this game due to the change in the number of mangoes per level, the number of obstacles, the distance of the basket, and many other factors.

Consider any possible variables and beat the current highest record in our Leader board! Conquer the top-ranked list and continue to enjoy more games from this genre such as Chop Hand and Block Craft Jigsaw Puzzle. A tip for the newcomers is that you only have three turns to shoot the piggy, so use each chance wisely.

There will be some limitations on how high the pig can fly, which means that the players need to be adaptable with each stage. Make sure that you pick the direction using the guided white line before making any hasty move. 

Instruction to play

Drag the piggy using the left button, release to shoot.