Tap on Time!

Do you want to put your reflexes to the test? Then, in the new exciting game Tap On Time, try to complete all of the levels. The road will be visible in front of you on the screen, forming a vicious circle. It will contain a triangle of a specific size. When given a signal, it will begin moving slowly and steadily.

Examine the screen closely. In the game at Kizi online, you will have a small force field at your disposal. It will be controlled by the mouse. Your task is to use the mouse to click on the screen when the triangle is in the force field. You'll catch him in the force field and get points for it this way. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Try it for yourself. Play levels or endless mode to rise to the top of the leaderboard. Good luck!

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Instruction to play

On PC: Use the mouse or Space/ Enter to perform action

On mobile: Tap on the screen