Shoot your way through space to defeat enemy spaceships and enjoy your adventure. Galaxzynos is an enjoyable and challenging space shooter game that you can play for free. Here, you are enjoying your adventure in space but suddenly, you are under the attack of enemy spaceships. To keep yourself safe, you have to shoot them down first. Let’s talk about your main objective here. It is to survive as long and shoot as many enemy spaceships as possible.

Your ship can’t move forwards or back. It can only move left and right to dodge the attack from enemies and to shoot at enemies. You have limited HP. When you get shot, you lose some HP and the game ends when your health bar is empty. Don’t worry. You can fill it up by destroying asteroids and collecting an HP booster. Besides the item that fills the HP bar, you can also pick up other items such as shields, laser beams, and spaceship upgrades.

Like most games, those special powers help you go further and defeat enemies more effectively. Besides, as you advance, it becomes harder to survive and deal with enemies as more powerful enemies will appear and more enemy spaceships attack you at the same time. Dodging their attack is nearly impossible. That’s why you don’t want to miss any asteroids. Don’t let them escape from you. You need power-ups to survive and fight back enemies. It’s ok to let some enemy spaceships survive and fly away.

Try to get as many scores as possible and set a record each time you play. Good luck to you and don’t forget to check out other exciting games on our site. Some of the best options that you can try are Grappler and Command Strike FPS

Instruction to play