Senpa. io

There is no need to search for a decent io game for your playtime with your friends. Come and experience Senpa. Io, the latest online IO game which allows multiplayer to join the map at the same time from Kizi land. The gameplay is the same as that of other io games so you will join other players on a large map. The theme of it is about huge masses that just keep growing and trying to eat each other.

When you first enter the map, you will start as a little colorful dot. As you move around and collect colorful balls as many as possible, your dot will grow in size. Try your best to attain all the balls while avoiding the grey circles in the mean time. If you happen to touch that grey area, your ball will automatically split.

Since the rule is that bigger ones can consume smaller ones, splitting will turn you into a target as you are vulnerable to all enemy attacks. Keeping your size will be a good strategy to approach others to earn XP and power up. On the right side of the screen you can find the map that shows each player's location to help you with the task of finding food and avoiding enemies.

Also, there are statistics of the average load, the workload, and the memory that your little Senpa has gained. Keep track of these features to get ahead of the game! Do you know that other games like and also come from this category? Check them out later! 

Instruction to play

Drag and hold the mouse to move and interact.