Steam Rocket

Are you ready to join the Steam Rocket online game. Do you want to discover more surprises in this game? Together we will feel more and more new things. It's fun to play and explore. Drive the rocket on the planet and shoot all the strange creatures. Take your steam rocket and avoid all the obstacles! Avoid obstacles and try to get the highest score. Be careful with fuel!

You are stranded on an alien planet and your rocket is just a little bit away! Use your jetpack and rebuild the rocket so you can get out, then fill the boiler with coals and get ready for the blast! You will save fuel and discover on the planet if there are any resources left? Fly up and avoid all the obstacles that can be dangerous for you. We have the power to control that. Would you like to do more like that?

Exploring another planet and playing together is useful. Flying on a rocket is an amazing experience. But you need to be proactive and precise in your ascent and descent. On the new planet, there are dangerous strange creatures. You need to stay away. You will play as a hero to explore another planet. Maybe here you will find life and materials to fly back to earth. Experiencing aliens will bring excitement.

The game has a lot of challenges, you need to overcome them all. Don't be discouraged because you can afford to do well. The final steps in the process to return to earth. Try and don't let the rocket crash. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Boom Town

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys to play.