Fruit Lines

If you think that the puzzle game connecting fruits or candies of the same color and making them disappear is no longer interesting, then join Fruit Lines at Why do I dare to assert this because it is a combination of a match game and a puzzle game. The difficulty level of this game will be greatly increased compared to the usual puzzle game. In this game, you will not see all the fruits such as apples, mangoes, carrots, radishes... are available on the chessboard. Instead, you will have to manually arrange and move these fruits into the appropriate position to create at least 4 of the same fruits and make them disappear on the board.

So, the difficulty level will be significantly increased, instead of just changing the position of these fruits on the chessboard, you will have to calculate and place them in the appropriate positions on the chessboard to create produce at least 4 fruits in the same vertical or horizontal row. You need to note that you will not be able to arrange these fruits in any position on the screen. Instead, you need to find the exact locations and have an empty spot to place them. Fruit Lines at….will engage you in exciting challenges. In particular, this game will have a time limit, so you need to observe quickly and arrange the correct fruits in the empty box as soon as possible. Are you ready to participate in more games similar to Forest Match 2 and Rail Maze Puzzle? Let's get started!

Instruction to play

Use mouse to click the fruits and move or touch the screen.