Tasty Match

A colorful and addictive game to relax and blow off steam. Don't miss the time to join the online game Tasty Match. Surprises will be in this new and exciting version. Still collect all the same images and they will disappear. This game with the theme of candy and flowers will attract you when playing. You will surely love this game in a very interesting way. What are you waiting for? Start the game now.

The goal of the game is to connect pairs of identical tiles. You need time to clear the entire field before the time runs out. Connect other tiles to get more stars. For a certain number of stars, the reward will be a chest. Over time, new beautiful tiles are unlocked and the level configuration becomes more complicated. Enjoy lots of fun playing Tasty Match online at https://kizigames.games/. Accept challenging levels and

Let's complete the themes of this game. You need to play fast to be faster than your opponents. They are going to lose with you and try to get the highest wins. This new version will have more special things. Each level will gradually increase the challenge. You will play and experience. The squares will move when you successfully match. They will move left, right, or up and down depending on the programming of the level.

You will need to observe faster, and more accurately to complete the tasks of this game. The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass? It all depends on your ingenuity. Please enjoy some more games similar to Zombie Killer Draw Puzzle 

Instruction to play

Use a mouse or touch screen.