Claw Crane

Smart cranes to be able to pick up all these aliens to help them transport to a safe place. Help them now to free them from many of the challenges in the game Claw Crane. In this game, you will appear with the alien at the bottom and the crane at the top. You need to move this crane then to the exact position of the dolls, pick them up and take them to a safe place.

Sounds easy right? But the game has a lot of challenges for you. Your crane is moving very fast. You can hardly control and estimate the distance it moves. Try to focus on the game when you see it close to your teddy bear, you need to quickly press the button to drop the fishing rod and pick up the bear.

Everything will be simple when you get the most skill and observation. Don't let the fishing rod go too far and things won't go your way. Use a variety of power-ups to improve your pick rate. This is a very fun limited space game with controllable levels. You will be done now on your desktop and mobile browsers. Combine a lot of different extras and powers to be able to overcome many levels in the game Claw Crane.

Later on, there will be obstacles to hinder you. You try to control this crane follow your command with your friends to become a leader of all the best alien teddy bears. You can entertain yourself in a few other similar teddy bear games. 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to control the fishing rod most accurately.