Slice a lot

Have you ever imagined yourself as a super chef? Can you do everything with a knife from cutting, shooting, throwing, or even breaking things at a distance? Join Slice A Lot to have a great time. A professional chef will use a knife as a weapon so they can do everything in the kitchen. Today, you can imagine that you will use this amazing skill in a battle to slash all the obstacles in your way.

You just need to throw the knife precisely at obstacles such as oranges, walls, or other objects. These obstacles will appear in a row on the road. You just throw the knife high and it will break everything it hits in Slice A Lot. This game will be divided into many different difficulty levels. The challenges will increase gradually after each level that you pass. Do your best to win as many coins as you can.

Because you can use it to increase strength or have help in special rounds. Slice A Lot is not too difficult and it can be suitable for all ages for entertainment. For children, it can help train their observation skills and the ability to control objects at different heights. You will not be limited by any time or score in each level, so you can comfortably play without worrying about the pressure to complete.

I believe this simple game will help you have many moments of relaxation after a happy working day. Are you ready to explore more of these amazing games? Don’t forget to explore some other games such as Among Run

Instruction to play

You only need to use the mouse to control the knife or tap on the screen.