Monster Typer

Learning how to type on the computer keyboard can be both fun and educational with this new game: Monster Typer! In this new arcade game, the players will get to challenge fast-paced gameplay with the most adorable monsters possible! You will learn to type on the keyboard by following the given words on the screen. Type the perfect words that come up with each monster.

But the part that makes the game more interesting is that this game is combined with puzzles. In order to win, not only will you have to run against the time but you must also fight with the monsters by taping correct words! The moment the words are fully covered, the monster will be defeated.

As a new one pops up, continue the work of typing correctly. Monsters will show up one by one so be ready for it! The stars that you gain for each monster are decided based on your time. The bar on the right side of the screen will calculate that time and give you three stars, two or one accordingly. A perfect clean type shot will increase the chance of getting more stars for you!

You can also keep track of the scores on the top bar. Of course, the more monsters you manage to defeat, the higher your scores will be. Don't hesitate to test it out with more games from the same category such as Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines and Planet Attack Clicker

Instruction to play

Type with the keyboard.