Side Defense

Score the best in the Side Defense ball shooting game. You will feel the fun and the novelty. You also enjoy the surprises in the gameplay. New playing techniques need you to be agile. You will complete those interesting skills and bring yourself a lot of points. Are you ready to explore those things? Fascinating to play!

You will get the biggest score. Get ready for a brand-new defense game! Score your best and show off your skills in an endless game. If the ball touches the bottom line, you lose the game. To win this game, you need to find a way to play. Master how to play to win when playing the online game Side Defense at You will be tasked with shooting the ball and not letting the ball fall to the ground and hit the wall.

However, you will be challenged with these really difficult new versions of games. You will experience more batting skills and mastery over control skills. The ball will fall a lot from the top down. You will have to shoot from the bottom to prevent the ball from hitting the wall. But with the speed of the ball falling very fast and the number of balls falling a lot. You need to prepare yourself in a good state of mind to be able to continuously practice.

To win in this game, you will have to observe and manipulate quickly. If you are slow you will not pass the challenge. Start this fun game, and enjoy some more games similar to Box Size.

Instruction to play

Click or tap the screen.