Flappy Cave Bat

Have you ever been in a game with falling animals? If not, then the game Flappy Cave Bat will let you discover things you don't yet have. This is an extremely fun game that you can join online for free. In this game, you will accompany a falling bird and your task in this game is to control the falling bird so that you can fly over the gaps of the pillars.

There are many different gaps and they follow one another and the position of the gaps is unexpectedly high and low. So that you can keep your balance for falling animals that are in difficult areas. Can you afford to control falling animals flying through these obstacles?

I believe that as long as you have the skills, you have to observe and react quickly when the child flies. Control is smart, if you are too quick, you will cause the child to touch the column, not the hole, and your game will fail. Every time you cross a pillar, you'll bring yourself some points. Let's try to become a player with the highest score ever.

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Instruction to play

Use mouse to control.