Zombie Mission 11

We've managed to reach the 11th episode in our series of Zombie Mission Games online, that is without a doubt several of the flagship series when it comes to zombie games in 2 players, arguably some of the best ones you could be playing, because we're talking about the experience of teaming up with another real person and save the virtual world of the Zombie Apocalypse!

The zombies have even infiltrated this same underwater world, the next place you visit in this huge universe, and, of course, if they are antagonists and outlaws, they are pirates, so yes, ZOMBIE PIRATES will be the next big threat to face, and one you don't see every day!

As is customary, the two players must work together to complete each course, defeat the zombies they encounter, possibly obtain powerful items and weapons to use, and avoid any traps and obstacles.

Fun gameplay, rich gameplay, easy gameplay, and eye-catching graphics will give people a lot of positive experiences. Great chance for you to join some other games like Sticky Road.

Instruction to play

Player 1: WASD to move and jump, C to hit and mega hit, V for the grenade, Q-E to switch weapons, and the two together to unleash a special attack.

Player 2: ARROWS to move and jump, L to hit and mega hit, K for grenade, O-P to switch weapons, and press them together to use a special attack.