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One of the fastest ways to ace the journey to becoming one of the greatest warriors of all time here at For Honor Warriors IO will be to defeat the opponents in all intense battles in order to win the war! The final goal of this action-based game is to successfully survive all available levels. A total of twelve heroes will be available as the main characters, which the players can unlock one by one with their increasing point progress.

Learn how the fight works and understand the mechanism of the game in order to come up with a working strategy for winning in a short time period. If you are good with the sword and close-range weapons, make sure to pick your fight wisely. Among the ones that are available on the map, each fight or location comes with its individual set of characteristics, ranging from the oceanic fight to an army or one-by-one tactical battle. Start working on them and fight endlessly to wipe out all these hoards of fighters! Keep in mind that one critical hit on the right spot is all that it takes to clear the enemies from the map, therefore, stay focused as they can perform the same to your character.

Let's see if you can survive for the longest here in the game and share the experience with others in more thrilling fighting games such as Adam and Eve GO, Donutosaur. Get yourself hooked on this addictive gameplay and spread the fun spirit to some other friends. 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse cursor to control the army.