Racing Car Slide

The game memorizes the image and aligns the cropped images to form the original image. Test your mental agility. You will find that you have memorized the correct image or not? The puzzles in brain games are often very difficult. Therefore, you need to be very alert and understand the rules of the game to win in this game. The game is extremely attractive. You will feel very awesome and very sweet with the racing car images.

If you are passionate about racing, its construction will not be unfamiliar to you. It will be easy for you to put the pieces in the correct position. You have found interesting images. You will have the right to choose from 3 car pictures. You will choose the number of cut pieces that can be 3, 4, or 5 depending on your choice. The image you choose will be cropped according to that request.

Of course, the more chopped, the more difficult you will be to choose and put them together as before. Therefore, before cutting, you need to carefully observe the image to remember its structural features. And you pick up gradually from easy to difficult to ensure that the game is completed easily. Will you do it well? Do you feel that you are really good at remembering the positions of these pieces?

The game has 3 pictures and 3 types of puzzle pieces. How many levels will you pass? Depends on your ingenuity. Hunting with online game Racing Car Slide. Your chance to play some other games similar to Real MTB Downhill 3D and US Police Prisoner Transport

Instruction to play