Save The Coal Miner

Challenge yourself to a new and exciting game that has just been released Save The Coal Miner at ... In this game and will overcome countless challenges and traps. Are you ready to start this quest? Start now to get some relaxation. At the beginning of the game, you will appear on your character. Your goal in this game is to help your character destroy the boxes at the feet and touch the ground safely. But around them many obstacles and artillery shells.

You need to think about which block to destroy will help you become safe and not affected by cannon. If you are unlucky to let the cannon touch you, you will have to stop the game now. Do not let this happen because it is terrible. You have used observation and imagination to be able to think about how to make your character hit the ground most carefully. Dodge, all the cannons to bring you safety.

The further your obstacle will do the more numbers you will need to be careful to concentrate as you can to win the level of the game. All those great things are only in the game Save The Coal Miner. Why don't you recommend this game to your friends?

Join your friends right now in the game so you can have the chance to challenge your brain most smartly. It would be fun to allow you to join fairies and some other interesting games like Bubble Shooter Golden Football and Summer Brick Out 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to destroy blocks.