Fish Rescue Pin Pull

Puzzle your mind combined with an entertaining game is a great thing that you can do. What are you waiting for? Join now in the gameFish Rescue Pin Pull at Kizi multiplayer games online to find you a lot of relaxing moments. This is a game where you go to rescue goldfish. It's stuck in a maze. So you need to participate in the game to be able to pull out all the keys and make it difficult to get out of this path. But the game has never been so simple.

There are all red and blue faces and other sharks whirling around you. So you need to Kill all these sharks by drawing a red face to kill the shark. Only then can you drop the water from the tree. Goldfish are stuck and lack water. Please give emergency water to goldfish now. You just need to follow the keys out and move them most smartly.

Overcome all the obstacles and traps to take home a lot of amazing missions. Try to bring as much water as possible to the goldfish so that it can survive this game. The evil sharks are intending to destroy your goldfish. Stop them and use your smart brain to take these sharks to deadly traps without spending too much time.

Usually, that's great right now in the gameFish Rescue Pin Pull. Do you think you can join this game with all your friends to share the fish rescue experience and more. Start adding a few other similar goldfish rescue game genres like Rescue My Love

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to get all the water from the goldfish.