Rescue My Love

The game visual style is extremely simple but the task is extremely difficult. Because you have to use your smart brain to conquer. Come now this is a love rescue game Rescue My Love at Kizi games. You will control a bear. Its goal is to move to the door of the world. It's hard, right? According to observation, the distance between the bear and the door is very far. So how can you safely jump down?

For the first levels, nothing is difficult. Because there will be no obstacles to make it difficult for you. Later there will be wolves, obstacles, and chainsaws that rotate very fast to kill you at any time. Block them all with your wits. Observe and combine highly reflexive thinking and use your brain to see which key move is appropriate and gives you a chance to rescue the love of your life.

Borrow these pitfalls as weapons to destroy all your enemies. Around each puzzle is different and you need to use your smart brain and puzzle and answer in the best way. This is a very unique way to play. The easy challenge to break through with even more amazing brainpower. This is a very new type of game that you can entertain extremely simply.

Overcome thousands of deadly traps and move safely to the finish line right now in the game Rescue My Love. Do not hesitate to invite your friends to join this game to find lots of puzzles. You can completely join a few other similar puzzle game genres like Chrome Dino Run 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to help your bear move.