Crazy Slap

Jump into the battle and slap your opponents to make them fall off the field. By doing that, you can be the last survivor. Crazy Slap is available for free along with tons of fun games. Your ultimate goal is to become the winner. To get it, you try hard to knock your opponents out of the field with your slaps. Slap hard at your opponents’ faces and push them off the field. Its gameplay is quite similar to several IO games out there.

However, when you defeat one opponent, you won’t grow up or become stronger. You are you from the beginning to the end. The tip here is to attack those who stand at the edge of the field. Then, take action fastly and accurately. Don’t give your opponent any chances to slap you. If you only slap your opponent, you find it hard to defeat them. Besides slaps, you also should push them.

Here at, when you become the winner, you will be brought to a new field and there, your goal is the same, and the way you reach that goal is the same as well. If you lose, you have to restart that level. However, before starting the match, the game will give you 3 options. You can increase 3 stats including Strong Strike, Speed, and Shield. You can choose one option only. They make a wise choice.

The right decision will give you a lot of advantages over your opponents. And you should know how to make use of that option to get the best result. Wish you luck! We recommend you to play the following options: Merge Race 3D and Green Prickle

Instruction to play