Risky Train Crossing

Risky Train Crossing is going to introduce you back into the real world of skill games with highway exit, a format that has been in existence for quite a while in the world of gaming, however as the years go by, as their serves as a data, their quality surely goes up, as they become deeper and more complex, just as you will notice right now with this game, whose rules researchers will explain right now in particular circumstance you're a novice!

Do your best to walk around the subway tracks and across the rivers to get as far as feasible in the infinite map, because the greater the distance you cross, hence more points you gain.  Make good money along the situation as well, as they can be employed to purchase new skins for your avatar. And although you progress, the locomotives speed up and the corridors become a little more difficult, but the fun factor increases. Enjoy!

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Instruction to play

Cross the railway tracks. Don't get run over!