Yoyo Hero 3D

Do you remember the old days of yo-yo? Yoyo Hero 3D makes it possible you to go back in time. To attack the enemy forces, simply click the screen. Remember, if you don't kill your adversary before he can hurt you, he will. Try to murder all the enemy forces to move onto the next stage and collect the rewards to unlock a more effective yo-yo. Don't be genuinely worried about the failure. The opposing force will die as long as you strike! You may also utilize the other influential yo-yo! Come on Kizi unblocked and be the most effective yo-yo Hero! Come on, people!

Simple gameplay, eye-catching graphics, vivid sound. Everything is perfect for you so you can experience it. What are you waiting for? If you love this game, you can play some more games like Sweet Shop 3D.

Instruction to play

Tap to attack