Big Pizza Delivery Boy Simulator Game

Pizza food is a favorite food of many people. So join the game Big Pizza Delivery Boy Simulator Game at kizi mobile to transform into a food delivery person for everyone. Are you ready to perform this mission explore the game freely without having to worry about paying any money? You will receive a call from the subscriber who will then give you the location you will go to the Pizza store to buy and bring it to the customer.

Rest assured that this street is extremely large and does not have any means. But you need to have the intelligence to look at the map before you can deliver it to the right place. If you do not observe and drive safely to the end of the goal, you will not be able to win the game. Let's bring delicious pizzas to everyone. When you are done with this task, start with the others who ordered it. How much will each person make?

Use that money to upgrade better and better delivery motorcycles. Are you happy to take on the challenge of the game? Be a punctual delivery person in the right place to bring you a lot of money. The game has time requirements you need to be as agile as possible.

Share this game Big Pizza Delivery Boy Simulator Game together for your friends to be able to transform into professional shippers. If these games leave you impressed, join in and some other similar games Easter Mahjong Deluxe and Knockdown

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys to be able to drive and deliver goods.