Goat or Throat

Goat or Throat is a fun and humorous game that you can play here on kizi games for kids. The gameplay is pretty simple – you just listen to a screaming noise and then choose whether you believe it’s coming from a goat or an athlete. When you make your selection you’ll be told whether you’re right and what percentage of other players chose the same answer. 

You must listen to a variety of sound recordings, and use your listening skills to identify the culprit! It would be nice if there were more examples as it doesn’t take too long for the same noises to come around again, but it’s a funny little game that really makes you appreciate the bizarre screams goats and athletes make. Just imagine the scream that a goat could make if it took up weightlifting! After each guess, you get to watch the resulting video too

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Instruction to play

Use the mouse to choose an answer.