Reach the Platform

Welcome to Reach The Platform online game. You will be sure that the toughest challenges are present in this game. Everything is so special. You need to mobilize a lot of gray matter to be able to pass. Start conquering all the challenges now. We can get over it. Prepare your strategies to take the platforms far. Find the rules of this game. The bottom of the screen has a scroll arrow.

Your task is to control the arrow towards the circular platform in front. Shoot accurately at the center of the platform so that the arrow sticks to it. How can that be achieved? Look closely at the arrow, drag the arrow up towards the platform. You observe that the more yellow the arrow fills, the farther it will shoot. Just like that, you aim and shoot accurately to be able to build yourself more foundation. When the arrow succeeds, you continue the same operation.

All that fun is available in Reach The Platform online game. Accept all those amazing challenges. Vivid graphic design attracts players. If you want to experience don't miss this opportunity. The game will train your ingenuity, agility in observation, and high accuracy. You will feel extremely attractive. How many platforms will you stick to?

It all depends on your ingenuity. Be the one to conquer the most challenges. Be the best player with the highest score in this game. Are you ready to start that? If you have a lot of time, please experience some other games similar to Mouse Escape.

Instruction to play

Use a mouse or touch the screen.